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Meeting Schedule
Professional Nurses holds four general dinner meetings each year between September and April with the participation of the leading home healthcare providers of Montreal, Canada and the U.S. and speakers on topics of interest to nurses in our area. The Annual Meeting and Awards Ceremony is generally held the first or second week of May each year.

The next meeting will be devoted to the most common dental problems. We will talk about effective preventive measures that help protect yourself from these dental issues, as well as consider all the innovative techniques for smile restoration with the help of experienced all on four specialists in Toronto.

You have now a wonderful opportunity to find all interesting information about medicine innovations in our news section. On our meetings we are going to discuss the usage and benefits of medical appliances and devices like ostomy accessories available at - leading medical store in Canada, various wound care products, dressings and bandages, continence products, etc. Stay tuned to our web-site to find out where and when we are going to hold our next meetings!

Scholarship Program
The Board of Directors of the Professional Nurses Association created in 2005. Our goal provide financial assistance for members of who are RNs pursuing a BS Degree with a major in Nursing or an MS Degree with a major in Nursing.
To view the scholarship guidelines please click here.

Useful information:
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Healthy habits and your lifestyle 29.11.15
Working out while Pregnant: How to Buy Proper Clothes 20.06.16

Officers, Nominating Committee and Board of Directors

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The Board of Directors reviewed the bylaws and the changes were approved at the annual meeting.

Must-Attend Medical Events & Conferences

Laser Medicine Conference

Take part in the Annual Conference devoted to the development of laser medicine in the United States and Canada. The conference is organized under the auspices of "ASLMS" American Society for Laser Medicine and Surgery. It is the largest international event that brings together the leading experts in the field of laser medicine, cosmetology and dermatology. This year special attention will be paid to the laser equipment manufacturers. The main purposes of the conference:

- Exchange of practical experience with world experts and the leading specialists of Toronto laser clinics in the field of aesthetic laser therapy
- Exploration of new technologies and treatment techniques
- Laser equipment overview
- Testimonials from patient of laser medicine clinics

Participate in the conference to keep the track of all the innovations in the sphere of laser medicine, obtain new valuable knowledge and skills. Don't miss your chance to listen to the renowned experts, who have a years of experience in the field of aesthetic medicine and surgery.

Fill out the form to join LV Spa & Beauty salon, YPB Laser Clinic, beauty care center in Brooklyn and other conference participants to share knowledge and skills.

International Course of Plastic Surgery

International Course of Plastic Surgery, held in Montreal - an annual event, which includes an extensive program for plastic surgeons. You will meet with recognized leaders and innovators in the field of plastic surgery who are willing to share their vast experience. Course program includes:

- Rejuvenating facial surgery (facelift, fat grafting, rhinoplasty)
- Body contour plastic (breast augmentation, liposuction)

Course participants will be able to gain new knowledge from the leading Montreal plastic surgeon, see and compare the author's methods and techniques of performing various rejuvenating procedures, find out more about the most popular surgeries among patients of aesthetic and reconstructive medicine clinics. Also, as part of the course, the participants will be able to visit the specialized exhibition where visitors can learn more about the latest developments in equipment, supplies and medicine that are used in the modern plastic surgery industry. The Course is supported by the "ISAPS" International Society of Aesthetic Plastic Surgery.

Care for People with Disabilities

The following program will be useful for nurses and professional caregivers, who want to expand their knowledge and skills concerning care of people with physical disabilities. During the course you will find out more about the latest and most innovative therapy techniques, approaches and services that are developed to enhance the quality of life of disabled patients. Enroll today! Get more information about specialized services for disabled people at official website of offering wheelchair accessible taxis and disabled transportation services.

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